The holiday season for most people starts around October 1st and ends right after New Years day. The great amount of wonderful holidays that fill this time of  year is what makes it so special and anticipated. Everyone loves dressing up and decorating as spooky as possible for Halloween, but we all know Christmas is America’s number one holiday. However most people either give little importance, or just forget about the very important holiday in between the two. That holiday would be Thanksgiving.

Turkey day is always downplayed in terms of holiday importance. You can tell because once November 1st hits, Halloween decorations come down, and the Christmas decorations go up. The only real decorations for Thanksgiving are homemade and cut-outs of cartoon turkeys. Thanksgiving plays a major role not only in American history, but also as a day that families come together despite their busy schedules. Halloween and Christmas take precedence over Thanksgiving in the average American household, but why? This could be simply because Thanksgiving is not a gift giving holiday.  On Halloween we give out candy, and other treats. On Christmas we exchange gifts. These are more important to most people because most would prefer receiving gifts, over spending time with family. Christmas and Halloween are fantastic holidays don’t get me wrong, but it feels like Thanksgiving is always forgot. In fact most people spend it working and preparing for the nightmare that is black friday.

Thanksgiving deserves more appreciation, and here is why. This day is one of the few days throughout the year where families can get together, even if they live far apart. Another obvious reason is the food. Thanksgiving food is basically its own genre of food, and family recipes are an important thing that is passed  from generation to generation. Although Halloween and Christmas are fun and exciting Holidays, we should never go straight from one to the other. Thanksgiving should be a celebration of the non-material aspects of our lives.

Posted by: meganbup on November 9, 2019
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