Easter is approaching quickly! It is time to start dying your eggs! We have found some great tips to perfect your egg dying this year. Follow these tips to have the best looking Easter eggs at the table.

Checkered Dyed eggs:
Inspired by a classic basket weave, these dyed Easter eggs have a modern two-tone effect. To create the pattern, apply vertical and horizontal lines of graphic art tape to hard-boiled eggs. Dip once and let soak for about five minutes. Remove tape and repeat in a lighter shade of the same dye.

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs:
Use an ordinary product to decorate an entire batch of marbleized Easter eggs. It’s easier than it looks! Use natural food coloring or dye to create a design on a bed of plain shaving cream, then roll hard-boiled eggs over the surface to transfer the colors. Let the eggs dry, then gently clean to remove any excess shaving cream. Dyeing eggs with shaving cream is a fun activity for bunnies of all ages!

Tissue Paper Eggs:
Create pretty Easter egg designs by cutting your own patterns from colorful tissue paper. Try decorative edges, floral looks, or basic zigzags. Brush a thin coat of decoupage medium onto an egg. Position the tissue paper cutouts and gently pat into place, starting in the center of a design and working your way out.

String Wrapped Easter eggs:
Tie eggs tightly with string, then plunge into colorful dye baths. Let eggs dry before removing the string to reveal white lines. To make stripes that are a lighter shade of your desired color, dye eggs first, then add the string and dye again.

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