Looking for affordable off campus housing? Best University Properties is the place for you!
Living in a traditional dorm style room on campus can cost you almost $7,000. If you include a 14 meal plan, that would add an additional $3,594.00 onto that. This comes to a total of at least $10,000 just for room and board, and that is not including tuition!!!

Best University Properties offers many different types of affordable off campus housing options for students in our 2,3, and 4 bedroom apartments or townhomes. For example, if you would choose to live in a 3 person townhouse with two bathrooms, the cost per semester would be $2,400. This would mean that your housing would cost a total of $4,800 per academic year. Already saving you a ton of money! If you choose to live off campus, you have the option to either have a meal plan or not. Why would you need a meal plan if you live off campus in luxury townhouses that offer state of the art appliances? With BUP, you only have to pay for electric and a small monthly Wi-Fi fee. We also have 24/7 maintenance people on call to assist with any major issues.

Call the office or stop in anytime to hear about our many other options of AFFORDABLE off campus housing. Our address is 457 Second St., California, PA 15419. The number to call to set up an appointment is 724-938-3036 and ask for Megan! We look forward to assisting you.

Posted by: meganbup on March 26, 2019
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