Spring Break for Cal U students is from March 9th – March 17th. For those of you who are traveling we have provided some helpful packing tips for you to help make your packing go a little bit smoother.

Packing tips for Spring Break:

– Develop a packing list to make sure that you don’t forget anything, especially the essentials.
 By developing a packing list, it will help you stop over packing and also so you don’t forget anything important! And of course make it less stressful.
– When packing outfits, choose outfits based on activities that you will be doing.
If you know what you are going to be doing on your trip, pack for exactly for that! This type of packing strategy will help eliminate over packing. For example, if you know you will be going out to dinner pack an outfit for that!
– Wrap your jewelry around Q-tips to prevent it from tangling.
There is nothing worse than unpacking tangled jewelry. To help prevent tangled jewelry, wrapping it around a Q-tip is what you need to do!
– Keep an “emergency” bag in your suitcase.
You never know when life is going to happen so use this emergency bag to pack some medicine and band aids just in case! Basically a mini drug store in your suitcase. You could also pack some silverware or even some cleaning wipes for those “just in case” moments.
– Instead of folding your clothes, roll them!
Rolling your clothes is a great way to open up a ton of space in your suitcase.
– Cling wrap any toiletries that could spill and destroy your clothing.
It is better safe than sorry. By putting cling wrap around anything that could possibly leak it will avoid your clothing from getting damaged or ruined. Additional, you can put the toiletries in a plastic bag. 
– Pack a “snack pack” for the airplane
Airport food is extremely expensive so bringing TSA friendly snacks will help you save a couple dollars when traveling.
– Electronic essentials:
Portable cellphone charger, headphones, phone charger, laptop, tablet 

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