We all have our Thanksgiving Day Favorites.

What is yours? I have compiled a list of side dishes and desserts that everyone should try, some are traditional and some are not. I have include links to recipes for some of the nontraditional dishes and topped it off with a few ideas of how to spend your time unwinding after dinner.


Side Dishes:


After all the work and prep of making your delicious Thanksgiving Day Favorites, don’t forget to spend time unwinding and relaxing with the family!

Thanksgiving Day Football, game time with the family or a craft for the kids make for great post dinner activities. Don’t forget to squeeze in a nap before the primetime football game! Thanksgiving is a day to relax and unwind, make memories and eat a good meal, so enjoy yourself and don’t stress over the small things! As long as your day is spent with family and friends, it will be a perfect day!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Posted by: meganbup on November 20, 2018
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