Halloween Safety

Halloween weekend is upon us! The holiday filled with fun and creativity, tricks and treats, parties and parades, whats not to love about Halloween? With all things joyful in life, there are dangers and worries. Halloween safety is so very important for adults and children alike. Here are a few simple and easy ways to keep your family and friends safe on Halloween night.

  • Put down your electronics! It is impossible to pay attention to your surroundings, whether you are driving a car, crossing a street or simply trying to trick or treat….you need to be aware of your surroundings.
  • If trick or treating after dark, where some sort of reflector on your costume or carry a flashlight, keeping it on at all times so you are visible to traffic.
  • Avoid masks and costumes that cause tripping hazards
  • Older children not accompanied by an adult should always travel in groups, on well lit streets and avoid unfamiliar areas
  • Do not eat any candy until you have gotten home and see that it is visibly safe to eat
  • Motorists need to drive slow and proceed with caution through all intersections
  • Discourage young drivers from being behind the wheel on Halloween
  • Do not drink and drive!


Halloween is a lot fun but only if everyone is kept safe. Please keep in mind the safety of yourself, your family and friends and those around you at all times. If you ever see something or someone out of the ordinary, don’t cause a scene, immediately call 911 and seek safety. Lastly, have fun!!!


Posted by: meganbup on October 26, 2018
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