Tailgating Essentials you mustn’t forget at your next college tailgate!

Best University Properties sits just a few blocks from California University of Pennsylvania, which means tailgating essentials get some use in this town! What do you take to your tailgating parties? Whether it be college football or a Sunday of NFL ball, we all like to tailgate!

Must Have Gear

Sport your teams colors, always!

Rain gear if the weather isn’t looking to bright

Blankets, gloves, hats, and cold weather gear if its a snowy tailgate!

Tailgate Chairs

Grill (and tools)


Outdoor games (Corn hole, Can Jam, Ladder Ball, etc.)

Trash bags…..keep your tailgate area neat, don’t forget someone has to come along behind you and clean up your mess.

Plates, cups, silverware….all disposable to make clean up easy



Food and Beverages!!!!!


Must Have Eats/Drinks

Anything you can grill! Burgers, dogs, sausage, chicken, heck throw a steak on there if you want!

Chips and dip of assorted varieties

Side dishes and appetizers, keep in mind the weather, if its hot out, don’t bring things that need to be kept cool, ice won’t last forever

Beer! Or your favorite mixed drink!

Pop for the young guns or the designated driver and water is also nice to have to rehydrate!

Dessert!! Who says you cant have dessert at a tailgate? Cookies, brownies, even a cake make for great treats.


Check out the Cal U football schedule at the link below! If you have the basics, you’re tailgate should be one for the books!

Cal U Football 2018


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