Decorating your apartment, ways to spruce up those walls!

One of the biggest downfalls to apartment living is the limitations when trying to “make it your own”. Don’t let that deter you though, there are ways to spruce up those white walls and plain Jane windows!

Wall art is the obvious quick fix solution for bare walls, but there are so many more options for renters. Some landlords will allow you to paint with the understanding that upon moving out, you will repaint the unit back to its original color, which is typically all white. If you don’t want to be bothered with painting prior to leaving, have no fear, there are several other options for you! Contact paper, sounds funny but can really be eye catching and beautiful. This is what is used for lining cabinets and drawers, but it is self stick and easy to remove, who says you cannot use it on walls? There are some great examples of beautiful prints at Contact Paper Designs that can be custom ordered and measured to fit any space.


If you are unable to choose a design of contact paper that you like, you might find fabric to be a better option? There are hundreds and hundreds of options for fabric choices and who says they are only meant to be pillows, blankets, and clothing? Fabric on walls not only adds color, but texture. It can applied with adhesive on the edges leaving minimal damage to repair before you move out, or it can even be stapled! I love the look of this, its a small space, just an accent wall in a little nook but when you’re living in a small space, this can make a huge difference!

Wallpaper is still always a great option when decorating your apartment, but not the messy stuff that requires water then it gets really sticky, it is hard to apply to the walls, it gets wrinkles and is just a total mess. There are temporary options for wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper is all the new craze! Peel and stick can be used for not only walls, but also dressers, inside drawers, and on lampshades! Can you even believe this is a low cost, peel and stick wallpaper?

Don’t let living in a rental keep you from spicing up your space! Decorating an apartment doesn’t have to be a chore! Stay tuned for storage tips for small space living in our next blog!


Posted by: meganbup on September 12, 2018
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