Headed back to school? Freshman in college, afraid you won’t have everything you need? Have no fear, this list of college must haves will help you out!


A place to call home for 9 months! Seems obvious, I know, but don’t wait until the last minute or you might be scrambling!

Supplies, another obvious one, but do you know what you REALLY need?

1. Text Books. Buy them, even if everyone says you don’t need them. No two students study the same!

2.Writing Utensils. College students still use pencils, contrary to what you might have heard, and don’t forget lead and extra erasers. Pens and highlighters, also essentials. Be sure to stick with

blue or black ink, as most professors will have that preference.

3. Three Ring Binders. These are a must have for organization. Put notebook paper in each one and be sure to have back up for refills.

4. Index Cards. The number one essential for studying.

5. Planner or Personal Organizer. Once school starts, you’ll have classes to worry about, sporting events, campus events, social club happenings! You’ll love having a planner, they are a life saver.

6. Graphing Calculator. Spend the extra money and buy yourself a nice graphing calculator. You will not regret it. As long as it doesn’t get lost, you can use it for four years of school.

7. Laptop Computer. Aside from text books, a laptop is probably going to be your most costly investment. However, you won’t regret having it. It is always nice to be able to type papers and do

research from home. Don’t forget the printer, extra cartridge and paper!

Dorm Room Essentials. This is probably ever college student’s favorite thing about school, living away from home. Most have never done it until they move away for school, so do you know what you really need?

1. Bed Risers. I put these first because they are a storage must have! Most dorm rooms are small, any extra useable space is always beneficial. Bed risers allow you to utilize the wasted floor space             underneath your bed.  Bed Risers

2. Bed Sheets. Most dorm room beds are a twin EXTRA LONG. Be sure to purchase twin extra long sheets as well as mattress pad cover and blankets or comforter. Twin XL Bedding Essentials

3. Pillows. It’s always nice to have an extra pillow, so be sure to buy at least 2.

4. Towels. Most dorms have communal bathrooms and your towels aren’t included, buy a few sets so you’re not constantly worrying about washing them.

6. Shower Caddy. Again, with communal bathrooms, your toiletries cannot stay in there. An easy way to keep your things together and transport to and from the bathroom, is with a plastic caddy.

7. Shower Shoes. Sounds silly, I know. You will get used to wearing non slip flip flops in the shower, just think how many others are using the same shower, then you wont mind it so much!

8. Dorm Room Storage. Whether it be plastic storage bins or additional drawers and shelves, you’re probably going to need more than what is provided.

9. Cooling Fan. Unfortunately most dorms will not have central air. A fan for your comfort in will be nice to have when it’s warm.

10. Extension Cord. Extra power sources are always nice to have, you will have lots of stuff that need power and so will your roommate.


This should give you a jump start on your college shopping and make for an easy transition into life away from home. If you’re a future California University of PA student and a “last minute” kind of person and you haven’t found a place to call home yet, consider Best University Properties! Best University Properties





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