Student Housing Options


  • Residence halls
  1. Residence halls place you in the middle of what you hope to be a vibrant campus! Living on campus often translates into “easy living” considering everything you will need is easily accessible and in most cases you are only responsible for keeping your own personal space cleaned and well kept.
  2. Social aspects of campus living can be nice, the students who live on campus become much like their own little community, there is always someone to hang out with or talk to and there is always something going on.
  3. However, on campus housing isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be! So you’re 18 now and finally left Mom and Dad’s, but guess what? You still have resident advisors looking over you, you still have rules to follow, and you still have a curfew! Did you really move away from home?
  4. Privacy is VERY limited in most campus housing situations, bathrooms are often communal, dining halls are just that, a HALL FILLED WITH PEOPLE! If you’re living in a dorm or on campus housing that doesn’t provide you with the ability to cook your own meals, you might find yourself stuck eating meals that you aren’t crazy about or simply living on Ramen Noodles and chicken tenders!
  5. Did I mention the cost of on campus housing? Most parents and students don’t pay much attention to this because it’s “included in tuition” but its really not cost affective. You can live off campus and use financial aid to pay rent for often times much less


  • Off campus housing
  1. Truly a “living on your own” experience!
  2. Best University Properties offers housing options for students in our 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments or town homes.
  3. Our property is within walking distance to California University of Pennsylvania so really you aren’t missing out on any on campus happenings.
  4. Our homes offer you full equipped kitchens to cook up all your favorites! Let’s be honest, home cooked meals are going to be something you miss when you’re away at school, at least you can cook up a nice hot meal and invite over some friends for a study hour and a game night if you’re living in your own little home!
  5. PRIVACY……it actually exists when you live off campus! Each individual bedroom in most of our housing options comes with its own key, so even if you’re sharing the kitchen and living space and bathrooms, you still have your own sanctuary of a bedroom, without a roommate if desired, to escape when need be!
  6. Campus is noisy! I don’t know about you but I can’t focus on reading and studying if there is a bunch of noise surrounding me. Off campus housing is much quieter! We want all of our young scholars to succeed so we encourage lots of studying!
  7. When you live off campus you’re allotted much more freedom. You don’t have any rules to abide by. You don’t have a curfew. There are no resident aids patrolling your hallways watching over you! It is a much more relaxing atmosphere.
  8. Did I mention cost? We offer housing options for as little as $450/month per person, when you share a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend. Have more than one roommate in mind? Three students can share a beautiful townhouse for only $366/month per person!
  9. Why would you not want to try off campus housing in our newly renovated homes that have gorgeous kitchens, in home laundry, wall mounted flat screen television, keyless entry for added security and so much more!!


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